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Condensed Milk

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Made of milk and sugar.


In common cans: 397g (48 cans per box or 12 cans per polyethylene package), 1 kg (12/24 cans per box), 11 kg. In cans with easy-open, peel-off lids: 385 g (48 cans per box, 12 cans per polyethylene package). In plastic buckets: 13 kg.


12 months at a humidity not up 85% and at a temperature of not up 25°C. 18 months at a humidity not up 85% and at a temperature of not up 15°C. Buckets and containers – 2 months at not up 10°C.


Parameter Specifications
ColourWhite with light cream or drab tone
ConsistenceViscous, smooth
Flavour and odourPleasant, sweet and typical for pasteurized milk
Total solids (not less than)72%
Sugar (not less than)46%
Non-fat milk solids (not less than)25%
Titrable acidity (not more than)0.43%
Microbiological criteria
Plate count (less than)10000/g
Coliforms (not more than)1/g
Listeria monocytogenesnegative per 25 g
Salmonellanegative per 25 g
Pharmacologically active substancesNot exceeding the limits set in Regulation 37/2010/EC
Combined total or residues of all substancesNot exceeding a value fixed in Regulations EC
Average nutrition values / 100g
Fat1 g
Proteins9.0 g
Carbohydrates60.2 g
Energy286 kcal / 1213 kJ


Condensed milk is used in numerous dessert dishes in many countries. In parts of Asia and Europe, sweetened condensed milk is the preferred milk to be added to coffee or tea.