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Wheat Flour

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All purpose flour.


1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg pp or kraft paper bags and 50kg pp bags. 22.5MT=1x20”FCL (25kg bags).


12 months.


Parameter Specifications
Physical and Chemical Characteristics
Glutenmin. 27
Proteinmin. 10
Ashmax. 0.55
Moisturemin. 14
Sedimentationmin. 30
Stability of doughmin. 5 minutes
Energy80cm2 (Extensograph)
Degree of softeningmax. 120 BU
Water absorptionmin. 58%
Colour and appearanceIn inherent colour and appearance
Taste and smellIn particular taste and smell


The product is used for making all sorts of pies, sweets, pastries, cake, homemade bread and other food products manufactured of dough.