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Glucose Powder

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Glucose powder is an abundant, simple sugar derived from corn. Corn glucose powder is produced by saccharification and spray drying of organic corn.


25 kg multilayer bag with a PE packaging inside.


Maximum 60 months after production if stored properly in cool and dry place (humidity max 70%).


Parameter Specifications
Sensorial properties
TasteModerate sweetness
AppearanceGranulated powder
Nutritional values (per 100 grams)
Energy1615KJ / 380 Kcal
Protein (g)traces
Fat (g)traces
Carbohydrates (g)App 95.0
Moisture (g)5
Sodium (g)<0.1
Analytical Properties
Dextrose-value (DE)28.0-31.0% in dry substance
Dry MatterMin 95.0 %
Density450-550 g/l
Sulphate ashMax 0.3% in dry substance
Microbiological Properties
Total Plate Count (cfu/g)<500
Yeast (cfu/g)<10
Moulds (cfu/g)<10
Coliforms (cfu/g)Negative
E.Coli (cfu/g)Absent
Salmonella (cfu/250g)Absent
MycotoxinsIn accordance with EC legislation 1881/2006; 1126/2007; 165/2010


It increases shelf life of baked goods. In sugar work, glucose prevents recrystallization and makes the sugar more elastic. Corn glucose-powder can be recommended for dry mixtures and solutions. Because of its special carbohydrate sprectrum it can be used for reduction of sweetness and imporvement of mouth feel.

  • Ice-cream: Reduction of sweetness, increase of freezing temperature and better elasticity.
  • Spices: Carrier substance and improvement of solubility.
  • Meat products: Improvement of emulsion.
  • Ketchup, barbecue sauces: When used together with starch it improves mouth-feel, reduces syneresis.