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Makendi HPKO is a refined, fractionated, partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil sold as a coating fat for confectionery products.


50 lb. (22.68kg) poly-lined cartons, 50 lb. flakes, and liquid bulk.


It needs no refrigeration. However, like all fats, it will absorb odors and should be stored in a dry place away from odor-producing substances. Bulk liquid product can be stored at 120-130°F (48-54°C). Based on the typical data a shelf-life of 180 days is suggested for packaged products stored at 65-80°F (18-26°C).


Parameter Specifications
Mettler Dropping Point36-42°C/97-108°F
Free Fatty Acid (% as oleic)0.1 max
Iodine Value1.5 max
SFC at 20°C90-98
SFC at 35°C6 max


It may be suitable for the use as a cocoa butter alternative for complete replacement of cocoa butter in confectionery or compound coatings, solid bars, blocks, filled bars, shell moldings, hollow figures, whipping powders, coffee whiteners and high quality caramels and toffees.