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Maltitol syrup is manufactured by the catalytic hydrogenation of maltose syrups. Maltitol is used as a sugar substitute.


Tin can, barrel, bulk and IBC.


Parameter Specifications
Low glycemic index compared to sugarExcellent crunch for coated chewing gum
Low caloric valueControls texture, viscosity, crystallization
Sugar replacerNon coriogenic
No aftertasteMeets the requirements of USP/EP/BP Pharmacopoeia
Low fermentabilityIt does not participate in the Maillard reaction
Low hygroscopicityExcellent heat stability
Physical and Chemical Properties
80/55 Dry SubstanceMin 75
Maltitol % (on dry substance)53


Chocolate, ice creams, diet products, cakes, biscuits, candies, chewing gums, cookies, beverages, nutritional bars, halva, wafer, jam, honey syrups, spreadable chocolate, bakery products.