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Shortening is formulated to make a crumbly, crusty and flaky texture and firm enough to support the weight of the fillings. Perfect for making of filling cream for sandwich cookies, decorative creaming, pastries. The reason it is called shortening is that it prevents cross-linkage between gluten molecules. Cross linking gives dough elasticity. In pastries such as cake, which should not be elastic, shortening is used.


20 kg single polyethylene bag in a carton. 1118 cartons or 22.36 tons fit into one 20”FCL.


12 months. Store away from heat and direct sunlight.


Parameter Specifications
Chemical properties
Free Fatty Acid, %WT as palmitic acid0.1 max
Moisture and impurities0.1 max
Slip melting point, Deg C36-39
Iodine value50-55
Peroxide value, Meq/kg1.0 max
Lovibond Color 5.25” Cell, Red3.0 max
Solid fat contents
At 20°C23-33
At 25°C13-22
At 30°C7-14
At 35°C5-11
At 40°C2-8


For direct use in baking, biscuit & confectionery fats.