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Sorbitol Liquid

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Colorless viscous liquid without and impurity by naked eyes, is not crystallizable. Sorbitol 70% Solution is a clear solution made from purified glucose. This product is used as a sweetener for diabetics. The sweet intensity contained in Sorbitol is lower than that in sucrose and can't be utilized by some type of bacteria.


270kg HDPE drum. 1x20FCL=80 drums.


12 months.


Parameter Specifications
Dry Substance %≥70
Moisture %≤30
D-Sorbitol content,%≥70
Ph value5.0-7.5
Reducing sugars %0.21max
Total sugars8.0max
Specific gravity1.34956
Residue on ignition %0.05max
Heavy metals(based on pb)%5ppm max
Chloride(based on CI)%10ppm max
Sulphate(base on SO4)%50ppm max
Ethylene glycolAbsent
Iron%2ppm max
Arsenic %0.5max
Lead %0.5max
Nichel%1ppm max
Anaerobic and aerobic bacteria100/g max
Total bacterial population1500/g max


It is often used in cheeses, processed fruit, dried vegatables, fat spreads, and baked goods.