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Soya Lecithin

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Soya Lecithin is clear amber colored, viscous fluid obtained from hydrated gums of soya crude oil (produced from NON GMO soybeans) by the process of drying and filtration. It contains all natural phosphatides in their original relative proportions and soybean oil.


  • 210 Kg / 240 Kg Net in HDPE Barrels (Bunk Holes)
  • 220 Kg Net in HDPE Barrels (Open Top)
  • 1000 Kg IBC Tank
  • ISO Tanks


In original, unopened packaging under recommended storage conditions – 24 months from the date of manufacturing. Store in cool, dry area free from toxic chemicals, odors, insects and rodent infestation.


Parameter Specifications
Physical and chemical standards
AppearanceAmber Color Viscous Liquid
FlavorTypical of lecithin, free from undesirable odor.
Moisture1.0% maximum
Acid Value30 mg KOH / gm maximum
Acetone Insoluble62% minimum
Benzene Insoluble0.30% maximum
Hexane Insoluble0.3% maximum
Peroxide Value5 meq / kg maximum
Color11+ Gardner color unit
Viscosity80-140 Poise
Microbiological Standards
Total plate count1000/g maximum
Coli formsAbsent
Yeast & Moulds50 / gm maximum


Lecithin is used for dispersing, wetting&emulsifier in chocolate, wafers, dry bakery products, cocoa powder, milk powder, and in feed, pharmaceuticals and paint industry for various applications.